Down syndrome through a different lens


The power of feeling understood. To me, that is the essence of this book. Approach people with Down syndrome as full human beings, even if they behave in a way we don’t understand or find difficult to cope  with.

Some of the real-life stories in this book literally brought me to tears. One experiences how it feels to not be understood. Karel De Corte’s description of the life experience of a person with Down syndrome allows us to relate deeply to their feelings, experiences and best intensions.

… And that is what makes this book special. The book is more than worries and torment, it offers practical tools that work.

Gert de Graaf, Dutch Magazine DownUp, 2016


An ode to recognition and empathy. That is how I would describe Karel De Corte’s ‘Don’t let me Down’, a book meant for anybody who knows a person with Down syndrome.

… ‘Don’t let me Down’ offers practical and useful tips for parents, counselors and therapists alike…
The books is full of experiences, advice and scientific information. A must have for anybody who works with people with Down.

June Bragg, Dutch Magazine De Pedagoog, 2020